Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dexterity Class Review

Well I had originally planned to post this over the weekend, but it was much more fun just to lounge around in my own place again. I really don't do well in hotels. Never can get enough sleep, but that's not what this post is about.

Last week I attended the Dexterity I training at Integrated Business Group over in Orlando. The class was taught by Leslie Vail. I originally met Leslie up in Fargo, ND at the Microsoft Dynamics Tech conference. David Musgrave introduced me to her after I told him I was looking for a good place to take a class on some of the Dynamics GP program. Leslie teaches the class for IBG once a year at this point due to the lack of people requesting to go. There were only six of us attending the class and one of those six actually was a new IBG employee.

The price of the course is just under $3,000.00 USD. This may be a good reason the attendance is low for the course. I don't know many people that can afford to spend that kind of money for training. I got lucky in that my company paid for me to go, as well as paying for my hotel. I only had to take care of my transportation and food. Since Orlando is only an hour and a half away, the transportation was easy (no flight).

Overall I would have to give the week long class a 4 1/2 stars out of 5. The only reason I do not give the class a 5 stars was the course ware. It was a bit out of date. The books still ready that it was for Dynamics GP 9, when now MS is releasing version 11 (aka GP 2010). I would have at least expected that it be upgraded to version 10 by now.

Leslie made sure to note where things where different though. Her instruction was done very well and she is very, very knowledgeable about Dexterity and about GP. In the past I have been to other classes where you could tell that the presenter/instructor was not what you would consider a guru. However, in this case I would certainly consider Leslie to be a guru on the subjects of Dexterity and GP.

Throughout the week Leslie made sure that we were having a good time and tried to keep the class light with some funny videos. She also made sure to take down any notes of things we saw that could be improved in Dexterity or GP.

So if your looking for some training in Dexterity I highly suggest you look into this course. It is well worth the money. If your not looking for a week long course then perhaps you should drop by Leslie's blog and bug her to post more on her blog.  :)

Time to go put some of that new knowledge to work. Till next time.